Because Of You (Piano Version) - By2

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Tên bài hát: Because Of You (Piano Version)

Ca sĩ: By2

Sáng tác: Urban Cla6ix

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Lời bài hát

I'm gonna be fine
You left me alone
Can I heal the wounds myself
So what can I do
And why did u come
To make my heart beat for you.

Don't, don't lose my mind
Dream of you again
And I looked to you as it fell
I want to make a' wish in the well
Hold me tight, show your love.

Every time I trade my soul because of you
If you wanna be in my way cuz of me
The stars
Ware shining to me away
Whispering I want you to know you're my world.

Every time I crazy is because of you
If you're looking right at me because of love

To me it's a pretty wonderland
Do not make me make me cry again
I need you right now.

* Hey boy do not be shy
Why not we have a try
Stay next to me, push the bad memories aside
Put me in the palm of you
All my life time I will be thinking of you.